Apache pilot critically wounded in crash regains consciousness

Five days after the deadly crash of an Apache aircraft in southern Israel, the condition of the pilot who suffered critical injuries improved. Soroka Medical Center said the pilot is breathing on his own and has regained consciousness.
Apache helicopter Photo Credit: Amit Agronov/Channel 2 News

The Apache pilot who was critically wounded in the deadly aircraft crash last Monday has regained consciousness and is breathing on his own. The same incident caused the death of Major (res.) David (Dudi) Zohar, who was also a pilot of the aircraft.

Dr. Moti Klein, Director of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Soroka Medical Center, said that after the crash, the pilot arrived at the emergency room in critical condition, suffering from multiple-organ injuries: “After stabilizing his condition, he underwent a lengthy operation after which he was hospitalized in the ICU. His condition has improved and he is conscious and is breathing on his own.”

Maj. Dudi Zohar Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson Unit/Channel 2 News

On Wednesday, the injured pilot first began to respond after the administration of anesthetics was stopped. Soroka Medical Center said that his condition was stable but still serious.

The pilot also began moving his limbs, a fact that led the medical staff to estimate that the spinal injuries are not irreversible and that the decision of the ICU to immediacy operate on him had a significant impact.

Israeli President Reuven “Ruvi” Rivlin spoke with the pilot’s father and expressed his hopes for a quick recovery. “We pray and cross our fingers for any good news from the hospital. Our prayers are for one of our best sons,” said Rivlin.

The pilot’s parents thanked Soroka Medical Center for its professional care and support.

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