Around 50 arrested for disturbing peace while protesting detention of Haredi draft dodger

Around 50 people were arrested during demonstrations that were held in a number of places in Israel due to the detention of a Haredi draft dodger.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Hundreds of Haredim demonstrated this evening in a number of places across the country this evening in order to protest the detention of a Haredi draft dodger. Heavy traffic is being felt in areas where the demonstrations occurred.  About 50 protesters have been arrested throughout the country.

In the Tribes of Israel Street in the Israeli capital city, demonstrators blocked off the road. In Bet Shemesh, 5 demonstrators were arrested for disturbing the peace, blocking off routes and not listening to Police instructions. In Bnei Brak, 15 demonstrators were arrested for protesting without a permit.

The Israel Police stated in response that they will act with determination against any incident that disturbs the peace and causes danger to individuals that use the roads. They stressed that in a democracy the protesters have the right to demonstrate but cannot disturb the peace.

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