Israeli security forces arrest 23 suspected of starting fires, inciting arson attacks

The damage caused by the wave of fires and arson attacks is starting to emerge while the Israel Fire and Rescue Services hopes that the flames will not reignite. So far, 28,000 dunams (approximately 6,918 acres) have gone up in flames over the past five days.

The supertanker operating in Israel

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Another fire broke out today (Saturday) in Daliyat al-Karmel while firefighters are still battling the flames in other parts of the country. In addition, the American supertanker was used for the first time today in Israel but has only carried out one mission so far. According to the latest reports, 28,000 dunams (approximately 6,918 acres) have gone up in flames since the wave of fires and arson attacks.

So far, 23 suspects have been arrested by the Israel Police and Israeli security forces. Some were arrested on suspicion of inciting to arson attacks. The Israel Police announced in a statement that more than 30 suspects have been questioned in the past five days.

Halamish, today Photo Credit: West Bank Fire and Rescue/Channel 2 News

Some of the suspects were arrested when they were apparently on their way to start fires. One suspect was even arrested just as he was starting a fire.

In the Israeli settlement of Halamish in the West Bank, about a thousand residents were evacuated from their homes. The fire in the settlement damaged almost 60 homes, 15 of which were completely destroyed.

Firefighters in Nataf Photo Credit: Jerusalem Fire and Rescue/Channel 2 News

29 foreign aircraft, including the American supertanker, have been used so far in order to try to put out the blazes throughout the country and prevent extinguished fires from reigniting.

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