Watch: Arson terror attempt caught on camera, suspect arrested

Palestinian from the village of Battir was caught on patrol cameras by the Nature and Parks Authority while attempting to start a fire. The inspectors quickly reported to the police who located the suspect and arrested him for questioning.
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Since the wave of fires started five days ago, security forces have been busy locating arson suspects. Yesterday (Saturday), during a patrol operation by the Nature and Parks Authority (NPA), inspectors located a suspect trying to light a fire in the Judaean Mountains. Police arrested the suspect for questioning.

While on patrol, NPA inspectors saw a man who left the village of Battir and started lighting a fire. Police and IDF Home Front Command forces joined the inspectors and caught the suspect who returned to his village.

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Today (Sunday), a surprise checkpoint created by the military also caught a vehicle with three gas tanks, a bag of fabrics, gloves and lighters. Three suspects were taken for questioning by the police.

As reported by JOL, 23 suspects have been arrested by the Israel Police and Israeli security forces as of yesterday.

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