Terror attack prevented near Nablus: Terrorist shot, arrested

A Terrorist who tried to stab IDF soldiers at the Huwara Junction near Nablus was shot and injured. None of the Israeli soldiers were injured. The terrorist received medical treatment on site.
Minutes after the attempted attack Photo Credit: Ozel Vatik / Channel 2 News

An attempted terror attack was averted today (Wednesday). The terrorist arrived this morning at the Huwara Junction, which is located south of Nablus, and attempted to stab an IDF soldier with a screwdriver. Soldiers noticed the terrorist as he was approaching to attack and shot him in the hip, neutralizing him. No one else was injured. The terrorist was moderately injured and received medical treatment at the scene.

Earlier this week on Sunday, police arrested a 36-year-old female resident of the old city in Jerusalem who expressed intentions to commit a terror attack. Israel Police and Israeli Border Police officers went to her house after they received intelligence regarding her plans.

While searching her house, two knives were found placed next to a copy of the Koran and a scarf designed as the Palestinian flag. The suspect was arrested and taken into questioning. She is expected to soon appear in front of a judge for a remand hearing.

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