Ayala Shapiro: “Thank you to the people of Israel”

The 11 year old girl, who was critically injured when a terrorist threw a Molotov cocktail at her car in the West Bank, thanked the people of Israel for praying for her.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Three weeks ago, 11 year old Ayala Shaprio was sent to the hospital after a terrorist threw a Molotov cocktail at her family’s car while driving in the West Bank.  Last night, her family published a letter she had written saying “thank you all for praying for me and thinking about me so much.  It gives me a special feeling. I have no words to explain how much it moves me."    

“She still has a long road to recovery,” her parents, Avner and Ruth Shaprio, stated.  “We agree with everything she said and would like to add a special thanks to our family and friends in El Matan and Ma’ale Shomron, who have helped us so much, and also to the medical staff at the hospital who are taking care of us.”

Two weeks ago, she began communicating again in the hospital.  Her mother told of the exciting moment “she woke up and recognized her father.  I wasn't there but I spoke with her on the phone.  She responds to simple questions.  She raises her hand and answers matter-of-factly.”

She noted that the rehabilitation process for her daughter is expected to continue: “There are moments that she is unconscious.  She has a very long road ahead of her.”

A few hours after the terror attack, the ISA and the army arrested two Palestinian youths from Kfar Izun in the West Bank, one who was 16 years old and the other 17 years old.  They admitted that they left Kfar Izun toward the road leading to Ma’ale Shomron to the El Matan settlement with the intention of throwing Molotov cocktails at vehicles.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

They were waiting on the side of the road.  They saw vehicles coming and then they lit the bombs and threw them at one of the vehicles-which they hit and it caught on fire.  They then fled back to Kfar Izun.

The Duvdevan unit captured the two suspects.  Brigade Commander Col. Guy Berger said: “Immediately after the incident, thanks to the accurate intelligence of the ISA and the professional execution of the Duvdevan unit, we dispersed large forces across the village and arrested the terrorists.  The IDF will continue to do everything in its power to defend the residents of this area and to thwart future terror attacks.” 

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