Family of Hebron soldier who shot terrorist against Military Advocate General: “Extortion”

The lawyer of the Hebron soldier who got sentenced to 18 months in prison for eliminating a terrorist held a press conference, where he related that the three lawyers resigned earlier from the case after the Military Advocate General promised not to appeal if they did not do so: “This is extortion.”
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News/Tomer Applebaum "Haaretz"

“The Military Advocate General stated to the Azaria family lawyers, if you do not appeal the conviction and the sentence, also we won’t do so,” Yoram Sheftal, the lawyer who is defending Elor Azaria, the Hebron soldier who shot the terrorist, stated in regards to Military Advocate General Sharon Afek. “This is an outrageous assertion. This is extortion.”

“What brought about a dramatic change in the position of the lawyers is a meeting that they had on their own initiative with the Military Advocate General on Sunday,” he noted. “He told them the following thing: ‘If you don’t submit an appeal, then the military prosecution will also not submit an appeal to lessen the sentence.’ This is a scandalous statement.”  

Earlier today, Sheftal submitted an appeal to the military court in the Kirya, an act which led to Ilan Katz, Eyal Besserglick and Carmit Schiver resigning from the case. As reported earlier today on JerusalemOnline, the three of them believed that it was necessary to give up on the appeal process in favor of seeking a pardon or a request to lessen the sentence.

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