Bomb shelters activated in Israel in response to Iranian troop movements in Syria

The IDF detected “abnormal” Iranian troop movement in Syria moments before US President Donald Trump announced his decision on the Iranian nuclear agreement. In light of the development, the military ordered cities and towns in the Golan Heights area to open their bomb shelters.
Children in an Israeli bomb shelter at Kibbutz Keren Shalom Photo Credit: The Israel Project via Wikimedia Commons

Bomb shelters in the Golan Heights have been activated and opened by orders of the Israeli Defense Forces following Iranian troop movements in Syria. The Golan Heights, which borders Syria, is considered a high-threat location for military activity out of Syria. The IDF spokesperson described the troop movements as "abnormal" and has warned residents of the area to watch out for instructions.

The IDF spokesperson also announced that troop preparedness levels have been raised to attack levels. The spokesperson explained that “the IDF’s instructions should continue to be obeyed as necessary... The IDF is prepared for a variety of scenarios and warns that any action against Israel will be responded to harshly.” Meanwhile, the army has called up a limited number of reserve troops in Northern Israel.

Apart from the Golan Heights, no other areas of Northern Israel have been raised to a higher threat level, and the spokesperson announced that there is no reason to open bomb shelters in northern areas outside of the Golan Heights.

According to IDF intelligence, Iran is planning to carry out military action in Israel. This intelligence further claims that these actions are in advanced stages of planning. Iran has been threatening to carry out retaliatory strikes on Israel for the alleged Israeli Air Force strikes on the Assad regime's T-4 airbase (at the time used by the Islamic Republic's Revolutionary Guards Corps). With US President Donald Trump's announcement today of the US's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear accords, fears of Iranian military action only increased.

It is also thought that Iran may specifically target electronic systems in Israel, and the IDF home front command recently advised civilians to carry portable radios with spare batteries, bottled water and electrical chargers with them at all times.

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