Indictment filed against murderer of British exchange student

57-year-old Jameel Tamimi was indicted this morning for the murder of 20-year-old Hannah Bladon. According to the indictment, Tamimi only stopped stabbing the British exchange student when a police officer neutralized him.
The scene of the attack Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

An indictment was filed on Thursday morning at the Jerusalem District Court against 57-year-old Ras al-Amud resident Jameel Tamimi for the murder of Hannah Bladon, a British foreign exchange student who was stabbed to death last month. During the investigation, it was discovered that Tamimi suffers from mental issues and that he tried to sexually assault one of his daughters and commit suicide in the past.

According to the indictment, on April 14, Tamimi left a hostel for people suffering from mental issues, where he was hospitalized voluntarily. When he arrived in Jerusalem, he bought a 30.5-cm knife in the Old City and hid it under his clothes. He then called his children and asked to stay with them in their homes but his request was denied.

At this moment, the thought of murdering someone by using the knife crossed his mind. Tamimi decided to board the Jerusalem Light Rail train in order to carry out the act. In the afternoon, he arrived at the Damascus Gate station and spotted Bladon.

Tamimi approached her because he thought she would be a weak victim who would not be able to defend herself. A minute later, when she turned her back to him, Tamimi took out the knife and started to stab Bladon, aiming for her upper body. Even though she was losing a lot of blood, Bladon managed to distance herself from Tamimi until she fell on the train floor. She succumbed to her wounds about an hour later at a Jerusalem hospital.

Tamimi only stopped stabbing the victim when a police officer took him down. Tamimi was immediately brought to a Jerusalem police station for questioning.  

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