Hundreds of Broadcasting Authority employees protest in Tel Aviv

Demonstrating against the pending closure of the news department, protesters blocked off Azrieli Intersection and clashed with police officers: “Bibi beware, Olmert is looking for a friend.”

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Hundreds of employees of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority demonstrated Saturday evening in front of the Ministry of Finance in Tel Aviv against the anticipated closure of its news department. The protesters blocked off the central Azrieli Junction and interfered with traffic in the area.


"I work in the corporation, I left Calcalist [a business newspaper in Israel] so that I could work at the corporation because I believe in it," said one of the demonstrators. "At the moment, we continue as usual. I will go to work tomorrow morning and I’ll try to do as much as possible. I hope that we will get back up and that everything will be all right, when Kahlon backs out of this compromise.”

In the fateful meeting that took place this week between Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it was agreed upon that within the month and at the request of Attorney General Mandelblit, legislation would be passed that would postpone the opening of the new Public Broadcasting Corporation to May 15. The current broadcasting authority will continue to broadcast until the establishment of the new news corporation. The official date set for the move is November 15, 2017.

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