Petah Tikva murder investigation reveals possible motive

The 28-year-old who fatally stabbed his older brother in the middle of a Petah Tikva street in front of witnesses claims he is mentally unstable.
Cain and Abel? Photo Credit: MDA/Channel 2 News

A small intersection in Petah Tikva became a murder scene yesterday (Sunday) when a 28-year-old man fatally his 41-year-old brother. The motive for the fatal quarrel is still unclear. The suspect drove his car alongside the victim who was riding a bicycle when a fight broke out between the two.

During the questioning, the suspect told investigators that his older brother had been abusive towards him for a long time. He claims the deceased caused his knee injury a year ago that made him unable to work, leading to his depression and mental instability. However, the police say the victim made no provocation during yesterday’s incident. Tomorrow, the suspect will be taken to the Petah Tikva courts for his remand hearing.

Defendant's lawyer, Alon Wolkovitzki Photo Credit: Public Relations/Channel 2 News

The father of the two brothers was informed about the incident not long after it happened. "He was a sweet boy," he said about his murdered son. "Always was helping others. My other son is in jail. In no way are we able to accept his actions. What kind of thing is this to do?"

The suspect's defense attorney, Alon Wolkovitzki, stated that his defendant is “to be forgiven for the crimes he is suspected of.” “For anyone who is quickly comparing this event to the story of Cain and Abel, wait for the big surprise at court," added Wolkovitzki.

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