Autopsy of Jerusalem terrorist’s body reveals IDF soldiers and civilian eliminated him

The autopsy of the Jerusalem terrorist’s body revealed that he was eliminated by both the IDF soldiers and the civilian tour guide who fired at him. Following the deadly terror attack, claims about the soldiers fleeing the scene instead of shooting at the terrorist surfaced. However, the autopsy results and the soldiers’ testimony refute these claims.

The footage of the terror attack

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The autopsy of the Jerusalem terrorist’s body indicates that he was eliminated by the bullets fired by the civilian tour guide and IDF soldiers.

The results of the autopsy confirm the IDF’s claims that the soldiers responded to the terror attack by shooting at the terrorist. The autopsy conducted by the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute found bullets from a military-issued M16 automatic rifle and a 9 mm handgun inside the terrorist’s body. The autopsy findings refute the claims that only the civilian responded to the terror attack and that the IDF soldiers fled the scene.

Shortly after the terror attack, which claimed the lives of four IDF soldiers, the footage of the Palestinian terrorist plowing into the group of soldiers was released. After it was released, many started to question the soldiers’ response, claiming that it appears that they fled the scene instead of using their weapons to eliminate the terrorist. Some even claimed that the IDF soldiers were afraid to shoot in light of the Elor Azaria case, a claim that has been rejected by the IDF and the soldiers who were there.

The truck used in the terror attack Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

“It looked really bad [in the video] but we weren’t certain that there was really a terror attack going on when it happened,” explained Lieutenant Maya Peled, who was at the scene and responded to the terror attack by shooting at the terrorist, in an exclusive interview with Channel 2 News.

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