Cellcom to lower smartphone prices in response to Kahlon’s reforms

Hours after Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon decided to cancel the purchase tax on smartphones, Cellcom announced that it will be lowering smartphone prices by 15% starting tomorrow. Partner Communications Company and Hot also stated that Kahlon’s plan will help reduce the smartphone prices for their customers.
Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Israeli telecommunications company Cellcom announced on Thursday that in light of Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s cancellation of the purchase tax for smartphones, smartphone prices will be reduced by 15% starting tomorrow. The price for an iPhone 7 (32GB) will be reduced from 3,790 NIS to 3,190 NIS and the price for an LG G6 will be reduced from 3,390 NIS to 2,890 NIS. In addition, Partner Communications Company and Hot stated that Kahlon’s plan will help reduce the smartphone prices for their customers.

“The Israeli consumer is the one who needs to benefit from the cancellation of the purchase tax,” explained Cellcom’s Marketing VP Yoni Sabag. “This is news for the consumers and just like in the other revolutions we conducted in other fields that led to significant reductions, we are also the first to bring about the change.”

Starting tomorrow, Cellcom will sell an iPhone 7 (128GB) for 3,650 NIS instead of 4,290 NIS, a Galaxy A7 2017 for 1,950 NIS instead of 2,290 NIS and a Galaxy A5 2017 for 1,690 NIS instead of 1,990 NIS.

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