West Bank: Cars damaged due to clashes between Israelis and Palestinians

Israelis and Palestinians clashed on Thursday near the West Bank’s Yitzhar Junction. IDF forces were called to the scene to disperse the crowds. Cars were damaged by stones that were thrown during the incident.
Damage to a car in the area

Clashes between Israelis and Palestinians broke out on Thursday near Yitzhar Junction in the West Bank. Damage was caused to cars in the area by stones that were thrown. IDF forces arrived at the scene and used riot-control measures to disperse the crowds. A soldier was slightly injured by a stone that was thrown at him. Palestinian media outlets are reporting that the forces fired rubber bullets and used tear gas.

According to the Israelis, the Palestinians started the incident by throwing stones at them. However, the Palestinians claim that the Israeli were the ones responsible for the clashes. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed that a dispute began near the junction between a few settlers and a few Palestinians.

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