Real Estate Company Assures: No Oriental Jewish neighbors

A video clip was published that aroused a storm among religious Israelis. A real estate company published that they are building a new residential area in Kiryat Gat and in a video clip, they assured surfers that there would be no Mizrahi (Oriental) Jewish people living there. Following protests, the company decided to remove the video clip.
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The Beemuna real estate company turned to the religious Zionist community, uploading a video in their Facebook page noting that there will be a new residential neighborhood in Kiryat Gat and it mocked Mizrahi (Oriental) Jews.  In the video clip, one can see an Ashkenazi (European) Jewish family celebrating Chanukkah and singing joyfully until suddenly two youngsters who speak with a heavy Mizrahi accent barge into the apartment.

The two obviously Mizrahi individuals mumble and shout while disturbing their Ashkenazi neighbors. At the end of the video clip, the announcer turns to the community and states: “Also they dream about a home belonging to them.  You want neighbors to your liking?  Then close a deal and get a new house!”  Following the public outcry for the content that was racist towards Mizrahim, the company apologized.

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