Crane operator appeals to Knesset following construction disaster

Following the parking garage collapse in Tel Aviv, crane operator Roi Weinstein appeared before a Knesset committee and urged them to ensure workers' safety.
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As rescue teams continued to search for bodies under the rubble of a parking lot in a construction site in Tel Aviv, the Knesset held a special meeting of the Labor and Welfare Committee. Ronen Ginsburg, the CEO of Denya Cibus, the construction company, appeared before the committee to answer the tough questions.

“I have come directly from the site,” said Ginsburg. “We have not slept for 3 days and have given whatever aid we could to the rescue crews. We will also cooperate fully with the investigation.”  On hand was also Roi Weinstein, a crane operator. He supplied a glimpse into the life of a construction worker whose bosses do not listen to warnings by their employees.

“I am here, because winter is coming,” he said. “I should not have to work at a height of 260 meters when the wind speed is above 45 kilometers per hour. Unfortunately, we don’t have the proper technology to determine this.  Most cranes have no weather vane. As you speak of big things such as committees and investigations, I don’t know if my friend who is working on the Sarona project will make it home after work.” 

Oleg Yakobov, from the Tel Aviv site was buried on the same day. After Channel 2 news reported about his widow, her financial difficulties and her son who was threatened with deportation, the Interior Ministry granted him residential status in Israel. The search continued for the last missing workers at the site. We can only hope that this will be the last tragedy of this nature.

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