Damascus Gate’s street name to potentially be changed from “Sultan Suleiman” to “The Heroines”

Friday’s terror attack in which the late Staff Sgt. Major Hadas Malka was murdered occurred exactly at the same spot in which the late Lance Corporal Hadar Cohen was murdered a year and a half ago. A number of organizations recently contacted the Jerusalem Municipality requesting to change the name of Sultan Suleiman Street, where the terror attacks occurred, to The Heroines Street.
Initiative in their memory: The late Hadar Cohen and Hadas Malka Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90

Friday’s terror attack at the Damascus Gate in which the late Staff Sgt. Major Hadas Malka was murdered occurred in the exact same spot where the late Israel Border policewoman Lance Corporal Hadar Cohen was also murdered by a terrorist a year and a half ago. As a result, the Jerusalem Municipality’s Street Names Committee received a request to change the name of the street at the blood-ridden gate from Sultan Suleiman Street to The Heroines Street.

Sultan Suleiman is the central street where trading is conducted for the eastern part of the city, leading to the Damascus Gate and eventually to the Western Wall. “Over the past few years, the blood of many of our children has spilled in the capital city of Jerusalem’s streets in defending her residents,” read the letter that was sent by leaders of several organizations who united together: Ofer Ashkori of the Policemen and Pensioners’ Rights, Shlomi Tamam of Embracing the Policemen and Maor Tzemah of Lach Jerusalem.

“The Old City compound, the Jaffa Gate and the Damascus Gate have seen many of these murderous attacks,” they describe at the beginning of the letter to the committee chairwoman Yael Antebi. “A majority of fallen are Israel Border policemen stationed in these areas guarding day and night for the city residents’ safety.”

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