Duma arson attack: Family to sue state for millions

The relatives of Saed, Riham and Ali Dawabsha will file a lawsuit tomorrow against the State of Israel, demanding millions in compensation. They are claiming that the state was responsible for the attack that claimed the lives of their loved ones and critically injured 4-year-old Ahmed Dawabsha in 2015.
The family's home after the fire Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/FLASH90

In July 2015, Saed and Riham Dawabsha and their son Ali were murdered when Molotov cocktails set their home on fire in a terror attack carried out by Jewish residents of the West Bank. The couple’s oldest son, Ahmed, was critically injured and has undergone several surgeries. After Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman determined that Ahmed will not receive compensation as a terror victim, the Dawabsha family has decided to file a lawsuit against the State of Israel, claiming that the state was responsible for the murder of the three family members and Ahmed’s injuries.

The lawsuit will be filed tomorrow (Monday) at the Nazareth District Court. At 11:00 AM, the family will hold a press conference along with the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights at Beit Sokolov in Tel Aviv. It is estimated that the family will demand millions of shekels from the state.

Tawfiq Muhammad from Al Mezan told Channel 2 News: “The Dawabsha family is accusing the State of Israel of being responsible for the terrorist act in which three family members were murdered- the father, the mother and the boy Ali- and Ahmed was injured. That is why we will file the lawsuit against the state.”

Last week, the Israeli Defense Ministry responded to the question asked by MK Yousef Jabareen (Joint Arab List) six months ago, stating that Ahmed, the only survivor of the terror attack, will not be entitled to any compensation for the loss of his family and his home. The ministry explained that residents of the West Bank can only be recognized as victims of hostilities if the attack happened within the Green Line.

Amiram Ben-Uliel, a resident of an outpost in the Shilo area, was charged over a year ago with the murder of the three family members and the attempted murder of Ahmed. He was also charged with other crimes such as an additional count of attempted murder and arson. A 17-year-old minor was also charged with nationalistic crimes. Ben-Uliel, the minor and several other suspects who were arrested in connection with the Duma arson attack were also charged with membership in a terrorist organization.  

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