New plane for Israeli prime minister to be equipped with anti-missile system

Today, new details about the new plane for the Israeli prime minister were revealed. The plane, which will be built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), will be equipped with a special anti-missile system designed by Elbit Systems.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Photo Credit: Government Press Office/Moshe Milner/Channel 2 News

It was cleared for publication today (Monday) that Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) was selected to build the new private plane for the Israeli prime minister. In addition, it was reported today that the state-of-the-art plane will be equipped with a special anti-missile system.

The system was designed by Elbit Systems and is called SkyShield. The system will protect the plane from shoulder-fired missile during take-off and landing.

These details were kept from the media until today because IAI was purchasing parts from all over the world in order to build the plane. It has not yet been cleared for publication other details such as the plane type or model. The cost of the Israeli “Air Force One” project is projected to reach about $70 million.

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