CT scan shows Peres’ condition has not worsened as doctors lower dose of anesthetic drugs

Israel’s 9th President Shimon Peres’ condition continues to be serious but stable. According to the doctors at Tel HaShomer Hospital, a CT scan this morning showed that his condition has not worsened. In addition, the doctors said that they have started to reduce the dose of anesthetic drugs.
Rivlin at the hospital, yesterday Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

5 days after Israel’s 9th President was rushed to Tel HaShomer Hospital after he suffered a stroke, it was reported today (Sunday) that Shimon Peres’ condition has not worsened. “At the end of the CT scan, his condition remains stable,” said the doctors at the hospital. The doctors also added that that they have started to reduce the dose of anesthetic drugs.

Yesterday, the hospital staff said that the former president’s condition over the weekend remained serious but stable. Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin arrived at the hospital yesterday morning and said: “We all hope to see the 9th President recover.”

“Shimon isn't a symbol, he is present and so tangible in the daily lives of everyone,” said Rivlin. “I know that as long as he decides to fight, there is no battle he can’t win.”

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