Watch: Dramatic footage of underground rescue in Tel Aviv

The rescue teams that have been working inside the collapsed parking lot in Tel Aviv recorded the moments in which they successfully located and saved one of the missing persons at the scene. Five people are still listed as missing. Contact has been made with two of the missing persons, but it has faded over the past few hours.
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Dozens of search and rescue unit members are vigorously working to locate missing persons from the collapsed parking lot in Tel Aviv that was reported earlier by JOL News (JerusalemOnline). On his helmet camera, one of the Israeli Fire and Rescue workers recorded rescuers clearing the way in order to reach one of the construction workers trapped underneath the building’s ruins.

The dramatic footage displays the rescue forces at the scene after they had squeezed through the building’s corridors. The rescuers were holding a large number of tools that they would use in an attempt to find signs of life underground.

At a certain point, the forces noticed the hand of a trapped construction worker. After locating him, the rescuers used hammers in order to break the wall that was blocking their access to the missing person. They gently attempted to break the wall so as not to cause another disaster. Meanwhile, medical personnel accompanying the rescuers tried to assess the construction worker’s condition as he continued calling for help. Rescue workers tried to keep quiet at the scene so that they could better hear the missing person’s voice and so that they could try to find additional missing persons.

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