Earthquake Felt in the Area of Jerusalem

A powerful earthquake measured at 3.5 ranking occurred north of the Dead Sea. The earthquake was felt in many areas of Jerusalem and its surroundings. No injuries or damage was reported.

3.5 ranked earthquake Photo: MAPA

An earthquake was felt this morning in the area of Jerusalem.  According to the Seismologist and Geophysical Institute in Israel, the powerful earthquake was measured at 3.5 ranking.  No injuries or damage were reported.

According to the Seismologist and Geophysical Institute, the earthquake occurred at 4:20am when the earthquake was focused north of the Dead Sea, 30 kilometers from the capital city.  With that, the earthquake was felt in different areas of Jerusalem and its surroundings.

The focus of the earthquake occurred at the center of the Great Rift Valley, an area known for geographic movements and examples of the earthquake phenomenon caused inconsequentially.   

In the month of June, an additional earthquake was felt in Israel---in the area of Eilat at the powerful 4.8 ranking.  The earthquake was focused 200 kilometers south of the city in the area of the Suez Cannel.  At the end of the day, the geological boundary of the ocean moved, grew bigger and widened, resulting in frequent earthquakes in the area.    

The earthquake felt today didn’t cause movement in the Great Rift Valley, but movement in the valley near the sea.  The fact is that the earthquake was felt in a radius of hundreds of kilometers, even in Egypt.  This testifies to the powers of the heart of the sea.    

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