East Jerusalem: Funeral procession canceled after Palestinians clash with police

The Israel Police stopped the funeral procession of a young East Jerusalem resident after the participants waved Palestinian flags and shouted anti-Israel slogans. According to a Palestinian media outlet, dozens of Palestinians were injured.

Watch: Violence during funeral procession in East Jerusalem

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Jerusalem District Police Commander Yoram Ha-Levy decided to stop the funeral procession of a young East Jerusalem resident on Sunday night when the participants waved Palestinian flags, shouted anti-Israel slogans and began to riot. The funeral procession began in in the At-Tur neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

Those who chose to disturb the peace and disobey the police officers’ orders started to block off the access to roads and throw stones at Israeli security forces. An Israel Police officer was injured by a stone that hit him in his head. He received medical treatment at the scene.

East Jerusalem, yesterday evening Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“We will not allow anyone to take advantage of a funeral procession and turn it into an event characterized by a nationalistic nature while disturbing the public order,” the Israel Police said in a statement.

The Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported that 30 Palestinians were injured in the clashes. One of the Palestinians is in critical condition, according to the news agency.

24-year-old Ali Abu Garbia, whose funeral turned into the violent clash with security forces, drowned a few days ago in the Sea of Galilee. His body washed up on shore Sunday morning.

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