Further complications for El Al Airlines may require Union intervention

El Al's battle with its own pilots is causing great disruptions for the company's flights as yet another flight has been canceled due to the pilot's refusal to fly.
El Al flights continue to be canceled due to pilot strike Photo Credit: Daniel Nechemia/Channel 2 News

As previously reported by JOL,  airline pilots are engaged in a battle with El Al over labor dispute creating havoc for the company as they refuse to fly. El Al reported that flight 081 to Bangkok has been canceled because the pilots will not fly. In addition, flight 027 to Newark has been chartered as a result of similar refusals. Management has blamed Nir Tzuk the company's pilot committee representative for this lack in pilots manning their aircrafts.

The situation at El AL has been going on now for five days during which the airline's flight schedule has been heavily disrupted.  Union Chairman Avi Nisenkorn has invited the El Al management committee representative to meet in his office this evening, in hopes of resolving this developing crisis.

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The increasing damages to the airline are worsening as the pilots continue to stand steadfast in their demands for better wages. The pilots announced that they are willing to fly the aircrafts one-way only, meaning, two teams will be necessary for each flight.

Last week, El Al CEO, David Maimon announced that every flight the pilots offer to fly only one-way without return will simply be canceled.  As previously reported, he plans to "go all the way" in his conflict with the pilots.   

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