El Al set to escalate battle against its pilots over refusal to show up for flights

The national airline's pilots have not showed up for flights over the last couple of days, causing flights to be cancelled or delayed.
Photo credit: Daniel Nechemia/Channel 2 News

El Al, Israel's national airline, said on Wednesday it will not hesitate to escalate the battle against its pilots' decision not to show up for flights over a labor dispute with the company management. The airline's CEO said he intends to "go all the way" in handling the crisis.

Over the last two days, multiple El Al flights have been cancelled, delayed or transferred to leased planes. On Wednesday, the airline announced it was canceling its scheduled flights to Hong Kong, Brussels, Munich and New York.

"The pilots' sanctions have been harming the company's activity for months," the management said in a statement. "We regret the inconvenience caused to the passengers and we are working to bring the company back to its regular schedule."

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