Woman wins lawsuit after El Al asked her to change seats for religious reasons

During a flight to Newark two years ago, Renee Rabinowitz was asked to change seats to accommodate a Haredi man who had asked not to sit next to a woman. Watch her speak out about the insulting incident.

Watch Mrs. Rabinowitz speak out about the incident

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Israel's national carrier, El Al, will compensate an elderly woman who was asked to move to a different seat after an ultra-Orthodox man refused to sit next to her.

Renee Rabinowitz, 83, a retired lawyer, was flying from Tel Aviv to Newark when she saw a Haredi man who had sat down next to her speak to a flight attendant. "The flight attendant asked me if I would like a better seat. I asked him if he had asked me to move because the man sitting next to me had requested it. And he said, 'yes.'"

Rabinowitz, who reluctantly agreed to move, later filed a lawsuit against El Al. On Thursday, the Jerusalem Magistrates Court ordered the airline to compensate her for the incident.

"I'm certainly happy that the judge ruled the way she did," she said. "And I think it will be a benefit to the public."

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