Elor Azaria’s father sends letter to MKs, explains series of events in Hebron

In a letter sent to the 120 Israeli lawmakers, Elor Azaria’s father explains the series of events in Hebron on the day that his son shot a neutralized Palestinian terrorist who had carried out a stabbing attack. The father said that the document is supported by evidence and will prove that his son is innocent.
Elor Azaria and his parents Photo Credit: Flash 90

Charlie Azaria, the father of the IDF soldier who was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 18 months in prison, sent a letter to the Israeli lawmakers, stating that his son is innocent and requesting that they help return him home.

In the letter titled “The real story, Hebron 24.3.2016,” the father described the series of events that happened on the day of the Hebron shooting. “It is clear to everyone that Elor is innocent,” Azaria stated this morning after sending the letter. “I’ve prepared a document that explains what happened and thanks to this document, which is supported by evidence, we will prove that Elor is innocent.”

“I turn to honorable President Rivlin,” Azaria continued. “Sir, you’ve said that the IDF is the army of the nation. Today, the nation is turning to you and asking that you release Elor. Even though the media has portrayed us as unordinary people, I feel just like Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu feels today. Just like they [the media] lash out at him and his wife. They’ve turned us into the enemies of the country and it’s not like this. We love our country and the nation.”

“I sent my son to protect the country and I’m demanding that he be returned home,” said Oshra Azaria. “The child has been suffering for a year. Return my son to me. He’s innocent.”

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