Erdan: Fires 'currently under control,' arsonists will be brought to justice

The Public Security Ministers said the suspicion of arson, though initially backed by professionals, will be more thoroughly examined once the danger is removed.

Watch: Wednesday's fire near the Jerusalem mountains

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Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said Thursday evening that firefighters have successfully gained control over the fires in Haifa and other parts of Israel. He also addressed the growing arson suspicion and said every single incident will be thoroughly investigated once the immediate danger is removed.

"According to an assessment from the last couple of minutes, the situation is currently under control," Erdan said in a press conference. "The main location is in Haifa, and I hope winds don't cause stronger outbreaks during the night."

Photo credit: Israel Police/Channel 2 News

Erdan said the suspicion of arson acts is "backed by professionals with the Fire and Rescue Authority" but stressed that it is "based solely upon preliminary findings" and will be more thoroughly investigated when the danger has passed.

"The Police Chief has ordered to set up inquiry teams," Erdan said. "We will analyze every scene using every means of investigation at out disposal, and try to bring to justice those who were involved."

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