Erdan on Jerusalem shooting attack: “There were no warnings about such a planned attack”

The Israeli Public Security Minister visited one of the scenes where a deadly shooting attack occurred today. The minister said that although there was no concrete information about such an attack beforehand, it was assumed that terror attacks carried out by lone-wolf terrorists would increase due to the recent rise in incitement.
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This morning (Sunday), Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan arrived at one of the scenes of the deadly Jerusalem shooting attack in which 2 people were murdered and six others were injured. Erdan stressed that the police presence in the city will be increased.

 “This was a difficult and serious terror attack that took place at multiple scenes,” said Erdan. “In every assessment of the situation discussion we held, there were no warnings about such a planned attack but we predicted that because of the increased incitement, there would be terror attacks carried out by lone-wolf terrorists. It is important to notice and understand that the police presence in Jerusalem will be increased by hundreds, if not thousands, of officers throughout the city.”

Erdan arriving at the scene Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash 90//Channel 2 News

“Due to the fact that the district and city are reinforced with thousands of police officers, we are now focusing on investigating the terror attack,” continued Erdan. “It is important to note that in the past months, there has been a drop in violence and we will take all the necessary steps in order to ensure the safety during the holiday season.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also commented on the terror attack during the weekly government meeting. “We experienced a shooting attack committed by a terrorist who was in a car in Jerusalem,” said Netanyahu. “He wounded several people. There was a quick and firm response carried out by the Israel Police officers who chased after the terrorist and eliminated him.”

As reported earlier today by JOL, Arab new agencies reported that the terrorist is a 39-year-old Silwan resident. Hamas quickly responded to the shooting attack, calling it “a brave act.” It is important to stress that Hamas did not claim responsibility for the terror attack.

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