Exclusive: Police held secret investigation into sex allegations against senior prosecutor

The senior prosecutor was unaware of the investigation while it was being held. It was terminated after the victim refused to cooperate with police.
Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A secret investigation into alleged sex offenses involving a "very senior" state prosecutor has been held over the past few weeks, Channel 2 News reported on Thursday.

Due to the sensitivity of the case, police set up a special inquiry team consisting of officers who had never met the senior prosecutor. In an unusual move, it was decided to assign an IDF attorney to the investigation to lower the chances of the senior prosecutor becoming aware of it.

The team has met twice with the alleged victim, a former female subordinate of the senior prosecutor, but she reportedly refused to cooperate. Therefore, the investigation has been terminated and the case is no longer being treated as a criminal manner. The senior prosecutor may still face disciplinary measures.

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