Apartment building evacuated in Rishon LeZion due to bomb

Police responded to a report about a suspicious item at an apartment building in Rishon LeZion on Monday. Residents noticed a cell phone connected to a charger surrounded by wires attached to a door in the building. Police sappers reported to the scene and evacuated the building.
Crime scene near Rishon LeZion (archive) Photo Credit: Flash90

On Tuesday morning, police responded to a report made by residents of a Rishon LeZion apartment who called regarding a potential bomb. The residents found a cellphone with wires attached to a door in the building charging and immediately called the police.

The eleven-floor building on Gdolei Yisra'el Street was promptly evacuated by the police in order for them to investigate. The police sappers confirmed that the cell phone and wires were indeed explosives. The police have opened an investigation and the circumstances and motive behind the attempted criminal act remain unknown.

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