Fallen IDF soldier's family fulfill his will, donate his property to charity

The family of IDF soldier Guy Segal, who was killed in 2014 during Operation Protective Edge, respected his final request and donated all of his property to several NGOs.
Guy Segal Photo credit: Channel 2 News

When Guy Segal wrote his will shortly before his day of enlistment to the IDF, he asked for all of his personal property to be donated to charity after he was gone. On Thursday, three years after he was killed during Operation Protective Edge, Guy's family fulfilled his last wish.

Among the NGOs that received a donation from Guy's family were Latet, a humanitarian aid organization, and Akim, which helps people with mental retardation.

Guy's family enclosed a letter explaining the unusual story behind the donation. "We are honored to deliver this donation to you in the sum of 12,460 shekels, based on his final request," they wrote.

The Latet organization responded on their Facebook page, thanking the family for their gesture. "We were very touched to receive this letter," the organization wrote. "This is the first time we've received a donation under such circumstances, and hopefully it will be the last."

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