Families of Israeli victims surprised by 2000 Ramallah lynch murderer’s unexpected release

The families of the two Israelis who were brutally murdered in the 2000 Ramallah lynch were surprised to discover that one of the terrorists was suddenly released from prison and deported to Gaza. The brother of one of the victims said: “The release of the murderer is the straw that broke the camel’s back.”
Ramallah, 2000 Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Vadim Norzhich and Yossi Avrahami were murdered in the horrific 2000 lynch in Ramallah at the beginning of the Second Intifada. Yesterday (Wednesday), one of the terrorists responsible for the gruesome murder, Palestinian policeman Hatam Faiz Khalil Magari, was unexpectedly released after his sentence was considerably reduced following a retrial. This morning, Roy Avrahami said that he is disappointed that the state did not update him about the developments in the case of his father’s murderer. “We found out via the media,” he said.

“Less than 12 hours ago, I heard for the first time about this via the media,” said the son during an interview with Israel’s Army Radio. “They asked for my first comment about the matter and this is how I heard for the first time about the release of one of the murderers. I didn’t know how to answer. After that, people tagged me in a Facebook post and that’s how I got more details about the release and the plea deal. The picture then started to clear up.”

Magari was released yesterday after a military court changed his sentence to 11.5 years in prison even though Magari has been in prison for over 15 years. The murder conviction was scrapped from his record due to problematic evidence.

“None of us knew that a retrial was taking place,” Avrahami added. “No one from my family knew that there was a trial and that they are giving one of the scumbags who participated in the incident another opportunity. No one was aware of this.”

Vadim’s brother Michael also commented on the release of Magari. During an interview with Israel’s Army Radio, he said: “The release of the murderer is the straw that broke the camel’s back. My mother is starting a hunger strike.”

Magari was deported to Gaza yesterday. The development that led to his unexpected release was the discovery of problematic aspects in the indictment and the evidence against him. In 2004, he was convicted of murder and other serious charges. However, the murder conviction was replaced yesterday with convictions of attacking a soldier and failing to prevent a crime.

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