Far right-wing activist indicted for shooting air gun towards Palestinian taxi

A young far right-wing activist was arrested last week for shooting an air gun at a Palestinian taxi. After he confessed to the crime, an indictment was filed against him today.
The items discovered in the suspect's home Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

An indictment was filed against a far right-wing activist today (Sunday) for attempting to bring harm to another person. The suspect was arrested in an Israel Police and Shin Bet joint operation after it was suspected that he fired gunshots at a Palestinian taxi.

According to the indictment, the young suspect fired an air gun towards the Palestinian taxi recently. As a result of the gunfire, the back window of the taxi shattered. No one was injured in the incident.  

Shortly after the incident, security forces found several suspicious items in the suspect's home while they were conducting a search. Among other things, the security forces found the air gun he shot, the four-wheeler he drove during the shooting and a cartridge with plastic bullets.

During his interrogation, the suspect confessed to shooting the Palestinian taxi.

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