Father murders 18-year-old daughter because she wanted to become Muslim

According to an indictment that was filed yesterday, a father murdered his 18-year-old daughter last month because she was in a romantic relationship with a Muslim and wanted to convert to Islam. The daughter was found in Ramla with three fatal stab wounds.
Henriette Kara Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A serious indictment was filed on Sunday against Sammy Kara, the father of an 18-year-old girl who was murdered last month in Ramla. According to the indictment, Henriette Kara was murdered by her father because she wanted to convert to Islam for her boyfriend.  

The indictment states that the 18-year-old was involved with a Muslim man who was at the same time in police custody. Her family disapproved of the relationship and tried to convince her to stop seeing him. They even threatened to harm her.

Due to the threats, Henriette had no choice but to hide from her family, occasionally staying at the homes of her boyfriend’s relatives. The indictment explains that Henriette feared for her life as her family members continued to threaten her.

In June, Henriette informed her father that her boyfriend is being released from police custody and that she plans to meet up with him and convert to Islam so that they can be together. In light of this news, the father, according to the indictment, decided to murder his daughter by stabbing her three times in her neck and shoulders. Henriette was pronounced dead at the scene.

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