Attempted stabbing attack near Alfei Menashe: Female terrorist neutralized

Security guards shot a female Palestinian terrorist armed with a knife this morning at the Eliyahu checkpoint near Alfei Menashe. The security guards noticed the terrorist before she reached the checkpoint and instructed her to stop. However, she ignored their instructions.
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A female terrorist armed with a knife attempted to attack security guards at the Eliyahu checkpoint near Alfei Menashe this morning (Wednesday). The security guards spotted the terrorist as she was approaching them and instructed her to stop. However, the terrorist ignored the security guards’ calls. The security guards responded by shooting the terrorist in the leg, slightly injuring her. The wounded terrorist was transported to Kfar Saba’s Meir Hospital. No injuries among the Israeli security guards were reported.

The terrorist, a 13-year-old Palestinian girl, approached the security guards on foot while she was carrying a backpack. When the terrorist ignored their instructions to stop, the security guards fired warning shots into the air. However, the terrorist continued to approach the checkpoint while she had one of her hands under her shirt. The security guards shot the terrorist in the leg in order to neutralize her.

The terrorist said during her initial interrogation at the checkpoint that she “came to die.” The initial investigation revealed that she is related to a female terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack a year ago.

Yesterday, JOL News reported that a Palestinian terrorist approached the Bani Na’im checkpoint in Hebron in an attempt to stab IDF soldiers. The terrorist was eliminated at the scene.

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