Israel: First autumn rain falls across the country

As Israelis run their last Friday errands and prepare for Shabbat, rain is expected to fall across the country in the morning and afternoon hours – perhaps not technically a “yoreh” but definitely the first rain of the fall.
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The first rain of the fall fell in Israel today (Friday) - not exactly a storm but not a light drizzle either. Local rains fell intermittently across the country, from Israel’s north down to the northern Negev. Reports of light rain in the Sharon plain started coming in as early as yesterday evening.

The temperatures are expected to go down throughout the day, with the chance of rain decreasing by the evening. Saturday is expected to be windy and the sea along Israel’s coast will be stormy, with waves rising to a height of two meters – but it will no longer rain and the temperatures will rise.

The rain today does not meteorologically constitute a “yoreh” (first rain), which is rain that falls continuously for a day or two across the country, but Israelis are still expected to experience real rain while running their Friday errands and could definitely record it as the first rain of the fall.

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