Holon: Footage of horrific murder at HMO clinic released

The footage of the horrific murder of a nurse in Holon has been released. In the video, the alleged murderer is seen entering the clinic examination room where the nurse was working and then leaving while the room was going up in flames.

Watch: The footage from the Holon clinic

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About three weeks ago, Tova Kararo was burned to death in Holon at the HMO clinic where she worked as a nurse. On Wednesday, an indictment was filed against Asher Faraj for the murder. Channel 2 News obtained the footage from the clinic’s security cameras, which shows the moments before and after Faraj set fire to the room where Kararo was working.

In the footage, Faraj is seen entering the examination room where Kararo was working. Shortly thereafter, he is seen leaving the room with a burning bottle in his hand while the examination room is going up in flames. He continues to advance toward the clinic exit and flees the scene.

The indictment revealed the premeditated nature of the horrific murder. “The defendant was a patient at the clinic where the victim worked and visited regularly due to his various medical issues and thus was well acquainted with the clinic staff in general and with the victim in particular,” the indictment read.  

The investigation into the murder revealed that Kararo administered a flu shot to Faraj in January. According to the indictment, Faraj thought that the shot made him feel ill and started to harass and threaten Kararo. He then decided to kill her.

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