Forecast: Beautiful weather for Israeli Independence Day

Today, it will be partially cloudy and there will be a drop in temperatures but the weather will be nice across the country.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

As Israelis celebrate their Independence Day, there will be a drop in temperatures and the weather will be pleasant for outdoor activities. In the coastal areas, the temperature will drop by 3-8 degrees C and in the mountains, it is expected to drop by 2-4 degrees. Throughout the day, it will be partially cloudy but it won’t be significant.

It will be 24 degrees C in Nahariyya, 22 degrees C in Safed, 31 degrees C in Tiberius, 25 degrees C in Nazareth, 24 degrees C in Haifa, 24 degrees C in Tel Aviv, 24 degrees C in Jerusalem, 26 degrees C in Beit Shemesh, 23 degrees C in Ashkelon, 26 degrees C in Sderot, 29 degrees C in Beersheba and 31 degrees C in Eilat.

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