Former Director General of the Ministry of Health calls government to: “Allow everyone surrogacy in Israel”

Former Director General of the Ministry of Health Professor Ronni Gamzu attacked Israel’s policy regarding surrogacy.
The hospital worker with his partner and son Photo credit:Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center/ Channel 2 News

Former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Health Professor Ronni Gamzu attacked the country’s policy regarding surrogacy claiming discrimination “for those who want to be a parent and aren’t married, male and female.” He uploaded a Facebook post today (Sunday) to Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center’s page with a picture of a hospital worker and his partner and newborn son who was born in Mexico. “Why do we continue with this distorted situation in Israel?” He wrote.

“Even Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mandelblit says that the law that allows surrogacy in Israel only to ‘a man and woman who are a couple’ is unconstitutional and that it needs to be amended so that women without partners could also turn to a surrogate mother,” Gamzu wrote. “I say that in addition to that we must not discriminate between women without a partner and men without a partner and allow men the possibility to surrogacy in Israel.”

“The country sends hundreds of men and women every year to wonder abroad in order to fulfil their dreams of parenthood, while here we are able to give them medical treatment of the highest level.” Gamzu explained and finished by calling on the government to action: “I call the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice and the Israeli government to make the necessary change and allow those who need it to undergo the process here in Israel!”

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