Former Mossad director: Israel’s internal threats are more dangerous than external threats

The former Mossad director claimed that the internal threats need to worry Israel more than the external threats. During a press conference, he said that he believes that Israel is most likely headed in the direction of a civil war.
Pardo Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Former Mossad director Tamir Pardo weighed in today (Tuesday) on the real danger Israel is facing. According to Pardo, the polarization of the Israeli society is a serious matter. “There is no existential threat to Israel from the outside; the existential threat to Israel is the internal split within the country,” said Pardo.

Pardo made his first public statement since leaving the Mossad during a press conference he held along with Brigadier General (res.) Amal Asud and Brigadier General (res.) Ram Shmueli in preparation for the upcoming Druze Sons’ Trail Race. “The separation will most likely lead to a civil war,” added Pardo. “We are headed in that direction.”

“The internal threat needs to worry us more than the external threat,” the former Mossad director continued. “If a polarized society crosses a certain threshold, you might see phenomena like civil war in the most extreme cases.”

In January, Pardo retired from the Mossad after heading the organization for 5 years.

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