Giant lizard escapes from home into Tel Aviv streets

Gulliver the monitor lizard was discovered roaming the streets of Tel Aviv earlier this week. The giant lizard who is almost 3.2 feet long escaped from her home and frightened several pedestrians in the area.
Photo Credit: Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel/Channel 2 News

This week, a large lizard found its way to the streets of Tel Aviv. Residents were shocked to see the monitor lizard, who is almost 3.2 feet long, near an office building in the city. The giant lizard was discovered in a cleaning supplies storage unit near an office building.

“The people who discovered her were frightened and panicked,” said the owners to Channel 2 Online. It turns out that the monitor lizard’s name is Gulliver and that she is the pet of the staff of a nearby office building.

“She is the pet we are raising in the office,” said her owners. “She eats everything but mostly meat.” Gulliver’s owners also said that she is not dangerous but could bite someone if she is frightened.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority clarified that raising monitor lizards is not illegal in the country.

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