Right-wing NGO behind golden statue of Israeli Supreme Court president

The Israeli NGO Derech Chaim and the Hebrew City organization are the ones responsible for the mysterious golden statue of Israeli Supreme Court President Miriam Naor that popped up in Jerusalem outside the courthouse Thursday. The statue was taken down by the local authorities shortly after it was discovered.

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Hours after the Jerusalem Municipality removed the golden statue of Israeli Supreme Court President Miriam Naor that was placed outside the court, it was revealed that the Hebrew City organization and the right-wing NGO Derech Chaim were behind the display. The statue is part of the NGO's recently launched campaign against "the Supreme Court dictatorship." According to those behind the statue, "Israel's Supreme Court and Naor are cut off from the people, arrogant, run in a dictatorship and take powers that don't belong to them."

"Even though the State of Israel is supposedly a democratic state, the government today is in the hands of the Supreme Court, without ever asking the nation's opinion on the matter," the organizations said in a joint statement.

The statue Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

"Just like in every dictatorship, we thought that also in Israel, it is appropriate to have a statue of the ruler on a street of the city," they added.  

Itay Zalait, the artist who erected the golden statue of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv in December 2016, praised those who made the Naor statue and denied that he was involved in its creation in any way. "I think it's very good that it's happening this way [through art]," he said. "I'm not affiliated with it and I don't know who did it but it's amazing."

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