Goldin family urges government to apply pressure on Hamas by not returning terrorist’s body

After the deadly terror attack yesterday in Jerusalem, the family of the late Lieutenant Hadar Goldin called on the Israeli government to refuse to return the terrorist’s body.
The terrorist from yesterday Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The family of the late Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, whose body has been held captive by Hamas in Gaza for over two years, called on the Israeli government today (Monday) to refuse to return the body of the terrorist who murdered two Israelis yesterday in Jerusalem. “The terrorist’s family claimed that he pledged allegiance to arch-terrorist Mohammed Deif, who is holding Hadar and Oron [Shaul] in Gaza,” stated the family.

“The Goldin family is convinced that only by applying significant pressure on Hamas, Hadar and Oron will be able to return to Israel,” the family’s statement continued. “The Israeli government has been given another opportunity to apply pressure on Hamas, which has turned the terrorist who murdered the late Levana Malihi and police officer Yosef Kirma into a national Palestinian hero whom Khaled Mashal and Ismail Haniyeh praise.”

As JOL reported yesterday, 29-year-old Kirma and 60-year-old Malihi were murdered in the shooting attack that the terrorist carried out in Jerusalem. Five additional people were injured in the terror attack. In addition, three people suffered panic attacks.  

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