Fires returned to Haifa; Roads blocked off

The fires have returned to Haifa. Firefighting efforts continue in the Haifa oil refineries after a fire broke out in the area. Following the fire, Route 4 and 22 were once again blocked off.

Watch: Great fire broke out in Haifa oil refineries 

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A great fire broke out today in the oil refineries of Haifa when the fuel tank was ignited.  The fire is now under control and the residents are called upon to return to their daily routines. Many rescue and fire fighting forces are in the area and are working to prevent the fire from spreading to a neighboring compound. At this time, there are no reports of injuries.

After the fire broke out, Route 4 between Lev HaMifratz till Arieh Shenkar was shut down; Route 22 was also closed for movement from the interchange with Route 75. The tunnel route was also briefly closed down to movement but openly shortly afterwards. “The fuel tank burst into flames after the fuel tank was ignited,” Uri Tzibotro, Haifa’s Firefighting Spokesman, stated. “We are spreading out all of our possible forces in order to implement every defense on the tanks and afterwards, we will focus on the fuel tanks themselves. A number of fuel tanks are of poor quality. If we do not succeed to take care of the ignition, the fuel tank will burn within an hour and a half.”

Oil refineries on fire in Haifa Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Police stated that at this time the fire does not endanger nearby factories and that the Police forces are in the area in order to provide assistance. The Haifa Airport continues to operate like normal.  The Environmental Protection Ministry decided after the fire occurred in the oil refineries to instruct Environmental Protection Minister Ze’ev Elkin to open up a situation room.  According to initial investigations, the fire broke out because of the presence of static electricity in the oil tanker during flush operations. 

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