Great fire in the Galilee; Residents evacuated from their homes

A great fire broke out in the Galilee and the residents were evacuated from their homes. During the night and morning, firefighters and Security Forces are working in the area of the Kiryat Gat Interchange on Route 6 and Beit Meir in order to control the fire.
Archives Photo Credit: Fire and Rescue Service

It is the fourth day of the Arson Intifada. A great fire broke out in Harashim in the Galilee near the Carmel Mountains that led to the citizens being evacuated from the area. Firefighters succeeded to block the fire in the Beit Meir area this morning.   During the night, the fires spread in the Beit Meir area near the Shoresh Interchange in the Jerusalem Hill area. All of the residents in the area were evacuated from their homes after the fire advanced quickly to the area. After great efforts by the Firefighters and Rescue Forces, the fire was prevented from spreading inside their homes.

Firefighters are still working in the area in order to control the fire and firefighting planes are dispersing chemicals in order to help the fire not to expand. One man was arrested due to the suspicion that he started the fire. At the same time, a fire broke out on the Kiryat Gat Interchange on Route 6 that temporarily stopped the flow of traffic to and from the area. However, the firefighters noted that they still did not succeed to control the fire for even if there is only fog, the fire can affect the welfare of the citizens in the area.

The Police noted that shortly afterwards, the citizens were evacuated and the forces spread throughout the area in order to locate additional areas on fire. However, they stated that after surveying the area, it is suspected to be arson: “The Police continue the great efforts to return the residents safely and quickly to their homes.”

Firefighters passed the night and morning in order to control the 100 locations on fire inside and outside homes on the streets of Haifa. Recently, they succeeded to obtain calm in the area. However, Security Forces stated that they still have not entirely controlled these fires. Firefighting planes are still operating in the area.

Around 80,000 people were evacuated in recent days from 12 different neighborhoods in Haifa after fires in many areas were ignited in the city. Even though the Police stated that it is not possible for the residents to return to their homes, residents succeeded to come in order to appraise the damage that was caused to their homes.

Photo Credit: Fire and Rescue Service

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