Students in Haifa return to school, city returns to normality

After the intense firefighting efforts in the city, educational institutions in Haifa returned to normality.
A school in Haifa that was damaged by the fire Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Sunday), students in Haifa returned to school after a weekend of continued fires throughout the country. However, the students at the Romema School will need to study in other schools and buildings this week due to the extensive damage caused by the fire last week. Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon met with Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav and promised that the government will repair the damage estimated at 500 million NIS (approximately 130 million dollars).

This morning, one of the teachers arrived at the school in order to help transfer the students to other facilities. “There are children who lost their classroom as well as their home and we need to help them a lot,” she said. “The parents and the municipality are helping, which makes our jobs as the educational staff a lot easier.”

The damage in Haifa Photo credit: Gili Yaari/ Flash 90/Channel 2 News

This morning, firefighting forces continued their efforts to extinguish the fires in Nataf and Sha'ar HaGai. Yesterday (Saturday), the American supertanker carried out its first mission in Israel. According to the latest reports, 28,000 dunams went up in flames since the beginning of this wave of fires and arson attacks.

Returning home Photo credit: Gili Yaari/ Flash 90/Channel 2 News
Fires in Haifa Photo credit: Ran Peer/Channel 2 News
The supertanker in action Photo credit: Noam Karni/Channel 2 News
The damage in Halamish Photo Credit: Yosh Fire Department/Channel 2 News

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