Halamish family was preparing for party when terrorist entered

The mother of the off-duty IDF soldier who neutralized the terrorist in Halamish said that the family opened the door to the terrorist because they were expecting guests for a party. The victims will be laid to rest at 5:30 PM on Sunday.

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Last night, it was cleared for publication that the three family members who were murdered in the Halamish terror attack were Yosef Salomon, 70, and his children Chaya Salomon, 46, and Elad Salomon, 36. Elad’s wife ran with their children into a room and locked the door, saving them from the horrific attack. Yosef’s wife was slightly injured. The three victims will be laid to rest Sunday evening at 5:30 PM.

Rachel Maoz, who lives across the street from the Salomon family and is the mother of the off-duty IDF soldier who neutralized the terrorist, recalled the tragedy. “We were sitting at the dinner table just before we finished the meal and were planning in a few seconds to leave the home and go over to our neighbors’ house, where they were having a party in honor of their new grandson,” she said, referring to the Salomons. “We heard strange noises, like screams. We didn’t know what it was and we didn’t want to imagine [the possibilities]. My husband ran out of the home, he thought maybe it was a fight. My son yelled after him, ‘Don’t go out with your gun,’ because he understood that it was a terror attack. He [her son] ran to get his gun from the safe.”

At the home in Halamish Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Maoz said that her husband returned shortly thereafter and informed her that there was a terrorist at the Salomons. Her husband took his weapon and ran back out of the home. “I called the police and locked the door after them,” she continued. “After a second, we heard one shot and then complete silence, no screams, nothing.”

The Halamish terror attack victims Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“My son jumped over the fence, saw the terrorist standing in the kitchen and shot him through the window,” she stated. “My husband ran in with his gun, kicked the knife away from the terrorist in order to distance it [from him] and kept his gun aimed at the terrorist [so he wouldn’t try to harm anyone else]. They tried to help the victims. They spoke with Tova [Yosef’s wife] and tried to understand if there was another terrorist and how he entered.”

According to Maoz, Tova said that the terrorist knocked on the door and they opened it because they were expecting guests for the party.

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