Hamas leaders sent to solitary for attacking Israeli prison guards

The Israel Prison Service is taking serious steps against the Hamas leaders in Israeli prisons who were involved in carrying out attacks against guards in two prisons on the same day. The IPS refuses to sit down and talk with the Hamas prisoners and is committed to continuing these punitive measures.
Archive Photo Credit: Moshe Shai/Flash 90

In the past week, 15 Hamas leaders who are serving sentences in two Israeli prisons have been sent to solitary confinement for attacking guards. In addition, the Israel Prison Service has taken additional steps to severely punish the hundreds of Hamas prisoners in these two prisons.  

The two incidents took place on Wednesday of last week within a few minutes of each other. In both of the incidents, the Hamas leaders stabbed prison guards with makeshift prongs, slightly injuring two of them.

IPS officials have refused all of the Hamas leaders’ attempts to speak with them and are determined to continue these punitive measures against the prisoners. The punishments include the cancellation of family visits and the suspension of the prisoners’ commissary budget. In addition, some of the prisoners have been moved to other facilities and searches are being conducted in the Hamas wings of the prisons every day.

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