Hezbollah terror attack foiled in Northern Israel; Indictments filed against 7 suspects

The Shin Bet and Israel Police arrested 7 Israelis for attempting to carry out a terror attack on behalf of Hezbollah. The apparent target was IDF soldiers. The explosive devices were hidden in a grove in Northern Israel along the country’s border with Lebanon and discovered by a local farmer.
Archives Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

It was cleared for publication today (Thursday) that serious indictments were filed at the Nazareth District Court against 7 Israelis who are suspected of smuggling explosive devices from Lebanon into Israel in order to carry out a massive terror attack in Haifa. The indictments were filed today and according to them, the suspects obtained the explosive devices from Hezbollah terrorists in Southern Lebanon.

According to the indictments, a farmer in the Metula area discovered two explosive devices in a grove along the Israeli border with Lebanon on July 30. The farmer immediately alerted security forces and an investigation was launched. The initial results of the investigation indicated that the explosive devices were manufactured by Hezbollah and that they were smuggled into Israel in bags.

During the covert investigation that was carried out by the Israel Police, it was discovered that a drug smuggling network in Israel that frequently smuggled drugs into the country from Lebanon accepted an offer to smuggle explosive devices into the country. Two bombs were smuggled in May and hidden in the grove where the farmer found them. During the Israel Police and Shin Bet investigation, six residents of the Arab Ghajar village in Northern Israel were arrested along with a resident of the Druze Yarka village.

The suspects were charged with several serious offenses including supplying information for the purpose of espionage, aiding the enemy during a time of war, the production, import and export of weapons without authorization, contact with a foreign agent and drug trafficking.

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